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For some time now I have been thinking about a personal blog but have been worried that others might see it as self promotion. Well there was always going to be a bit of that…. but after all if I don’t blow my own trumpet who will!!!

Not only that but I decided that I need a platform to "air" my own views as some of the things that happen in this PC world I find unbelievable and wanted to put my not so PC views on these stories no matter what subject. I will though steer clear of anything that might get me into trouble with the thought police and I am too young to get put on a "no fly" list. Commenting will be left open but moderated and if I don’t like what you have to say then either I might trash it (or spam it which will be even worse for you) or of course I might well refute your comments or even resort to name calling. It’s my blog and therefore my privilege.

I wanted to create a website www.bringbackhanging.com but my wife thinks I might get too much hate mail…

So other than that I will tell you a little about myself and what I do. Work wise I am licensed to sell real estate in Florida but thanks to the bankers and their credit crunch, there are not a lot of people interested in buying so over the last three years I have turned my hand to Internet Marketing and during the course of which learnt a lot about blogging, web design and search engine optimization. I maintain websites for both individuals, charities and companies and will carry out SEO tasks for not a lot of money:-) I am proud of the fact that for one organization they are on the first page of Google for a very common term that has 94 million results.

I can see that Social Networking is the next growth area on the Internet and have learnt how to utilise this to the advantage of Companies to build branding and trust.

I am a family historian and lecture on a number of subjects and you will find pages with my lectures and contact details should you wish me to lecture.

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